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Founded by Sam Phillips in June 2011, EasiLogic challenges the traditional concept of a logistics company and offers something new…more efficient and cost effective.

Sam has worked in wholesale distribution, international and domestic for 8 years and has 10 years experience in high street and on-line retail; sales and distribution. This experience means that he has established a good team of the right people to support him and instinctively knows how to meet the demands of his clients.

EasiLogic was born out of Sam’s frustration with the difficulties faced when trying to work with existing logistics partners; confusing pricing structures, no steer on monthly costs and a lack of understanding of the needs of small to medium sized companies.

Sam says:

“Our clients need to know instantly what they are paying and what the implications of stock fluctuations will have on their cash flow…this is how EasiLogic sets itself apart and is here to work with you to achieve increased sales and provide you with an excellent personal service”.

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