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Pharmaceutical Company

EasiLogic has removed all the hassle from shipping items to our events, ensuring everything arrives safely and on time. The staff are incredibly efficient when we speak with them and always willing to help, with no request seeming too difficult to carry out”.

Amazon Seller

“We were first introduced to Easilogic when we were looking to expand our third-party distribution for our existing customers. Identifying a need for inspection and consolidation of supplies, we approached the market.

Having consulted with a number of 3PL providers we found Easilogic were able to provide a simple easy to understand pricing model. This allowed us to easily price their costs into our work, which allowed us to expand the business.

Over time we started to supply B2C through various channels and had a growing requirement for direct to customer fulfillment but also for consolidation through to fulfillment by Amazon. Here we really saw Easilogic shine. They have a firm understanding of the routes to market and the fulfillment needs to make this happen.

Easilogic were able to handle ever-increasing volumes without sacrificing the core operation. Our quarter 4 volume was quadruple that of quarter 3 and still, Easilogic managed to handle this with consistency and ease.

Over the years of working with Easilogic, we have found their approach to be flexible and understanding of both sides of the operation. They operate a true win-win partnership and they have been instrumental in our expansion into new markets because of their knowledge, expertise and our confidence in their ability to handle our logistics.”.

MultiChannel Seller

“Initially I was sceptical about handing over my picking and packing to a fulfilment company in fear it would effect my profit margins. Sam and the Easilogic team have proven to be a fantastic economical solution as well as a big time saver. Since partnering with Easilogic I have had more time to stimulate new orders and my business has significantly grown.”.

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